Virgin Malaysian Light Yaki Closure

Virgin Malaysian Light Yaki Closure

Virgin Malaysian Light Yaki Closure

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The Closures are placed on your crown area to blend right in with your hair extensions. These closure hair pieces are easy to maintain and style and can be parted in any direction. These pieces will give you the crown confidence you’ve been looking for.The base is made of a mesh material which allows your scalp to breathe.

Product Summary

•Hair Types: Virgin Malaysian Light Yaki Closure

•Base Material: Polyurethane Scalp Imitation

•Knots: Bleached very light  and invisible

•Baby Hair: Included in front

•Part Direction: Can part in any direction

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It is very important to get your closure installed by a Specialist. These are hand knotted to ensure a more natural look so require a little “Tender Little Care”

Do not put much tension on the Closure and do not stretch too hard to avoid damage. Wash very gently, for a deep scalp cleanse, we recommend removing the closure before wash and reinstall afterwards.


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