Virgin Cambodian Straight Human Hair Closure

Virgin Cambodian Straight Human Hair Closure


Virgin Cambodian Straight Human Hair Closure


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The Closures are placed on your crown area to blend right in with your hair extensions. These closure hair pieces are easy to maintain and style and can be parted in any direction. These pieces will give you the crown confidence you’ve been looking for.The base is made of a mesh material which allows your scalp to breathe.

Product Summary

•Hair Types: Cambodian Straight hair Closure

•Base Material: Polyurethane Scalp Imitation

•Knots: Bleached lightly and invisible

•Baby Hair: Included in front

•Part Direction: Can part in any direction

•Base Dimensions: 4″ x wide 4″ (4″x4″) front to back

•Color: Only available in virgin 1B( natural Colour black), can be colored if you wish

Product Guide

Hair closures are essential for making full hair weaves appear more natural and flowing.  When you want a full, gorgeous head of hair, you will want to use a hair closure. Our Cambodian straight hair closures will allow you to experience the fullness and beauty of real Cambodian hair. Cambodian hair is as luscious as it is gorgeous. It is very lightweight, but is durable enough to allow you to live your life to the fullest.

You can go out in confidence with our Cambodian straight hair closures and know you look your best. Because they contain straight hair, you are starting out with a blank canvas. Any style you can imagine is possible with these closures. Plus, the straight hair texture is easy to maintain and lasts a long time with proper care. You’ll live a carefree lifestyle with our closures because they are tangle and matte free.

As with all of our products, our Cambodian straight hair closures are made from 100 percent all natural virgin human hair. Virgin hair is free from any kind of chemical processing and is from a single donor. You won’t find higher quality hair products on the market today.

At Mercy’s Hair Extensions we pride ourselves on offering our customers with the highest quality virgin human hair closures.  We are committed to offering our customers the products and support necessary to achieve the best possible experience with our products.

With our luscious Cambodian straight hair closures, you’ll be able to experience a new you. You’ll turn heads everywhere you go with your new look. Plus, you’ll feel great because you will have self-confidence in knowing you look truly amazing!



It is very important to get your closure installed by a Specialist. These are hand knotted to ensure a more natural look so require a little “Tender Little Care”

Do not put much tension on the Closure and do not stretch too hard to avoid damage. Wash very gently, for a deep scalp cleanse, we recommend removing the closure before wash and reinstall afterwards.


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