Best Value Hair Extensions

When you think of value, not only price comes to mind. Value is a combination of price and the quality of what you are receiving for that price. At Mercy’s Hair Extensions, we have been selling hair extensions since 2009 and we’ve grown as a result of the loyalty and support of our customers as well as the value we offer them. Our customers understand that value isn’t just about the lowest price tag. While we offer affordable hair extensions, what makes ours the best value hair extensions is our commitment to quality.

Our hair is 100 percent virgin hair that comes to us from India, Brazil, Mongolia, Peru, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines. In order to offer the best quality hair, we only use hair that has all the cuticles intact and the cuticles are running in the same direction to eliminate matting and tangling. We believe value is about what you get for your money. You can purchase any of our hair extensions with confidences that you’ve gotten the best value for your money.

We offer hair bundles in a wide variety of styles including straight, natural wave, natural curly, kinky curls, spiral curls, deep wave and body wave. Part of the value in our hair extensions is getting exactly the hairstyle you want. With our hair extensions, you can transform yourself form a beautiful brunette with straight hair into a stunning blonde with gorgeous curls. What is the value of feeling good about yourself? At Mercy’s Hair Extensions, we feel it is priceless.