Mongolian natural hair extensions are the perfect balance between Indian and Chinese hair. It is more durable than Indian hair and lighter than Chinese hair. It is among the most exotic hair on the market today. With our hair extensions, you’ll be able to achieve a distinctive look that will be sure to turn heads. All of our Mongolian natural hair extensions feature virgin hair which means it is chemically unprocessed human hair collected from a single donor. it is free from dyes, bleaches and harsh washes. We only use the highest quality hair on the market.

Our Mongolian natural hair extensions come in a variety of options including:

Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair – Ranging from 12 to 26 inches, these extensions blend well with naturally kinky or curly hair.

Virgin Mongolian Loose Curly Closure – At 14 inches, this closure is placed on your crown area to blend with your hair extensions. It is loose and curly and can be parted in any direction.

Virgin Mongolian Loose Curly Hair – Choose from 12 to 26 inch extensions. These extensions are lusciously gorgeous and extremely light for full bodied, natural flowing hair.

Virgin Mongolian Straight Human Hair – Select between 12 and 26 inch lengths. These Mongolian hair extensions are exquisitely lightweight and durable. They feature the flowing beauty only found in real Mongolian hair. Set yourself free and let your imagination run wild with these straight extensions.

  • $150.00$190.00