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Hair Care Guide: Best Shampoo and Conditioner Choices

Caring for your hair extensions is important. Proper care of your extensions will extend their life and keep your hair looking great. While caring for hair extensions isn’t difficult, you do need to be selective in what types of care products you choose to use in your hair.

Because hair extensions don’t have the natural oils and nutrients that exist in your own hair, you need to choose shampoos and conditioners that replace them. It is also important to use gentle care products that won’t damage your hair extensions or cause tangling and matting.

At Mercy’s Hair Extensions, we’ve come to recommend a number of products based on our experience. We recommend using Dove Intensive Repair conditioner, One ‘n only Argan Oil moisture repair conditioner and oil treatment, Miracle 7 leave-in conditioner and Suave clarifying shampoo to care for your hair.

While there are certainly other products available on the market that you can use, we highly recommend using these particular products. We’ve found that they generally provide the best care results for our customers when using our extensions. We can’t recommend them enough.

If you’re having trouble finding these products, you should talk with your stylist. Spend the extra time and a little extra money on getting the right products for your extensions. The small investment you make in time and money will pay off when it comes to keeping your extensions healthy and looking fabulous.

Our high quality, 100 percent virgin hair extensions don’t require a lot of care and maintenance, but you should develop a routine care regimen for them in order to keep them looking their best. By using the products we recommend, you’ll get the most out of your hair extensions and look your best every day.

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