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Great Hair: Most Popular Hair Icons

1.Grace Kelly – Waved Bob

Grace Kelly made this hairstyle famous. It captures the beauty, glamour and feminine style of the 1950s, yet achieves a timeless look that is easy for any woman to wear. You can dress this hairstyle up or down to meet every situation life throws at you. This is one classic you’ll never tire of wearing. Who doesn’t want to walk out of the door in the morning and feel like Grace Kelly?

2.Jennifer Aniston – Choppy Layers

Fans of the sitcom Friends fell in love with the choppy layered look that Jennifer Aniston’s character, “Rachel” wore on the sow. Choppy layers are full of volume and add visual interest with touched-up colors. While the style was popular in the 1990s, it is still a great look that can be modernized by adding more dramatic layering and a sleek glossy spray.

3.Kate Middleton – Blow Dried

Want to achieve the gorgeous, yet simple flicked hairstyle of Kate Middleton? Blow drying is the key to it all. It is a carefree style that looks great on everyone. Sure, you might not turn heads like Kate Middleton, but for a timeless, quick and easy look, you don’t want to rule out this iconic style as an option.

4.Marilyn Monroe – Platinum Blonde

You don’t get much more iconic than Marilyn Monroe’s radiant blonde hair. When its time to change up your style, you may want to consider going blonde in a dramatic way. Look to Dita Von Teese and Veronica Lake for a modern inspiration on how to bring Marilyn Monroe into the modern age.

5.Meg Ryan – Bedhead

A casual, chic look made famous by Meg Ryan, bedhead strikes just the right balance. To achieve the look, you’ll want to combine a shaggy crop with a carefree attitude. You can achieve a girl-next-door look with this hairstyle that has been worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Katy Perry, Elizabeth Taylor, Sinead O’Conner, Cara Delevigne and Rihanna. 

Drawing inspiration from the most popular hair icons is a great way to refresh your look. You can achieve any of these looks, even if you don’t have the ideal hair. Instead of giving up on a hairstyle inspired by your favorite hair icon, you can simply get hair extensions. Hair extensions will help you achieve just the right look. What hair icon inspires you?

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