Why choose Brazilian hair extensions?

At Mercy’s Hair Extensions, we offer a variety of different types of virgin hair.  We’ve found that different types of hair suit different people and different styles.  Your hair is a real statement about who you are, so it’s important to think about how you want your hair to look, and just as importantly feel.  So, with all the different types of hair available, why choose Brazilian hair extensions?

Why Choose Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Brazilian hair extensions are naturally thick, shiny and long lasting. You can feel the natural smoothness of Brazilian hair simply by running your fingers through these extensions. All of our Brazilian hair extensions feature 100 percent virgin hair, which means they are free from chemical process of any kind. The hair comes from a single donor.

Styling your Brazilian hair extensions

You can style our Brazilian hair extensions any way you would style your own natural hair while enjoying its natural softness. With our extensions, you are starting off with a blank canvas which will allow you to create your own unique style.

Like all of our products, our Brazilian extensions are meticulously put together to ensure that the cuticles are healthy, intact and run the same direction to prevent matting and tangling. You’ll fall in love with our the natural medium to low luster black color of our Brazilian hair extensions.

So, if you’re wondering why choose Brazilian Hair extensions,  the answer is pretty simple.  If you want hair that is thick and shiny and will last well, then they’re the right choice.  A sensual look that will give you great confidence as you walk down the street, and make you want to show off and feel comfortable that your hair extensions will feel natural when others touch them.