What are hair extensions

All over the world, people who want to transform their look use hair extensions to provide extra length or body to their style.  Extensions come in different styles, and are made of different materials, but really, “what are hair extensions”?

Hair extensions are lengths of real or synthetic hair that are attached to the scalp in order to achieve a variety of hair styling goals such as additional length, thickness, volume, highlights and lowlights. If done by an experienced professional, hair extensions appear to be a part of the person’s natural hair.

Hair extentsions – before they’re fitted.

What are hair extensions: Real Vs Synthetic

While hair extensions do come in real or synthetic hair, at Mercy’s Hair Extensions, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide selection of superior quality virgin human hair extensions. In order to offer the finest quality hair extensions, we only offer hair that has its cuticles intact and running in the same direction. This eliminates matting and tangling.

Our bundles come in a number of styles including straight, natural wave, natural curly, kinky curls, spiral curls, deep wave and body wave. None of our hair extensions have been chemically treated in order to provide our customers with the highest possible quality.

Hair extensions are attached using a variety of methods including clip-on, micro links and shrink links, bonding, fusing and weaving. The method is often based on the person’s hair type and what their choice of hair extension and style.