How To Wash Hair Extensions

In most cases, the question of how to wash hair extensions is fairly simple to answer – they can be washed much like you would wash your own hair. We recommend using Dove Intensive Repair conditioner, One ‘n only Argan Oil moisture repair conditioner and oil treatment, Miracle 7 leave-in conditioner and Suave clarifying shampoo to care for your hair.

How to Wash Hair Extensions

How to Wash Hair Extensions

How to Wash Hair Extensions

Following these simple steps about how to wash hair extensions, will yield great results:

1.Brush or comb your hair to ensure it is free of tangles.

2.Add water to moisten your hair gradually. Wetting your hair extensions all at once can cause them to become matted and tangled, which makes it harder to care for your hair extensions in the long run.

3.Continue brushing or combing your hair as you moisten it to prevent it from tangling.

4.Add shampoo to your hair, washing the extensions from the top down. Gently work the shampoo into the strands of hair as you wash.

5.Rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water, working your way from the top down, being careful to remove all of the shampoo as you do.

6.Apply conditioner. Be sure you don’t add too much. Adding an excess of conditioner can cause your hair extensions to tangle.  Leave-in conditioners are recommended.

7.Use a towel to wrap your hair and apply gentle pressure to remove any excess water from your hair.

8.Gently comb your extensions and allow them to air dry.

For curly hair, we recommend co-washing (washing your hair with just conditioner) every 2 to 3 days. Spray it with John Freda Frizz Ease Dream Curls and comb it out with a paddle brush. Allowing the hair to air dry in order to prevent frizzing.