Curly Hair Extensions

Curly hair extensions are a wise option for ladies interested in having that mysterious look but either their hair is straight, short, or curly but it doesn’t look as gorgeous. There’s something special about curly hair. It’s sexy, playful and looks really nice on almost every woman.

curly hair extensions

At Mercy’s Hair Extensions you can find curly hair extensions made of the highest quality. All of our products are made of natural hair so that whichever shade or origin you choose you can rest assured that your hair extensions of curly hair look perfect on you.

We are proud to offer top quality curly hair extensions so that you can have fabulous hair any time you want and for as long as you want.

Curly Hair Extensions – Our Options

At Mercy’s we are proud of providing our clients with an outstanding variety of natural hair extensions – and our assortment of curly hair extension is not an exception to the rule.

Our most popular curly hair extensions are made from Brazilian, Mongolian, Indian and Malaysian hair.

Whichever you choose, in most cases you’ll find deep, kink and loose curly alternatives. They’re all made of natural hair and the difference between them relies mostly on how the curl looks and feels.

Virgin Malaysian curly hair extensions are exotic and they are one of the most precious and distinctive hair types in the market. They are made of virgin Malaysian hair of the highest quality and they are definitely the best purchase decision for those ladies looking for gorgeous hair extensions.

Our Virgin Brazilian natural curly hair is also a great purchase option. It’s not only made of top quality Brazilian human hair but it also has gone under a quality assurance process to ensure it is free of imperfections.

Why Choose Natural Curly Hair Extensions?

Since natural curly hair extensions are made of human hair, they offer you a natural look and they can be styled and shampooed as usual. It is true that they are usually more expensive than synthetic similar alternatives, but they are softer to the touch and can receive any hairdressing treatment you like without any problem.

Synthetic hair extensions, on the contrary, look artificial and they are not as nice to the touch.

Clip on or Permanent Curly Hair Extensions?

Curly hair extensions can be clipped on to your hair for a temporary look or attached more permanently. The former are the perfect fix if you crave a little fun or if you want to add some more volume to your hair for a special occasion. There are lots of options in curly hair extensions in wefts that can be clipped on to your hair.

On the contrary, permanent hair extensions are attached to your scalp either by bonding, fusing or braiding and a professional is needed to do the job. It’s a quite expensive and time-consuming process and they are usually a bit uncomfortable to wear at the beginning until you get used to them.