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Celebrity Style: Who Looks Great with Hair Extensions?

Hollywood’s hottest stars are all turning to their stylists to get long, gorgeous looks with hair extensions. Their busy lifestyles and need for versatility both on camera and on the red carpets makes hair extensions a no brainer. Actresses from Eva Longoria to Kirsten Dunst are taking advantage of quick walk-ins with the the industry’s hairdressers for custom hair weaves. What’s the going rate for a starlet to get a custom look with hair extensions? Only $4,500 and up!

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged when you consider the expense and exclusivity of stars getting hair extensions in the hottest salons because you can find the highest quality hair extensions online. So it doesn’t matter if you live 1000 miles from Hollywood’s hippest hairstylists, you can still get mile-long locks of hair inspired by the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

While waif looks from Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan will turn heads, at the end of the day, if you want to attract real attention, you need to draw inspiration from Gisele by going for long, gorgeous hair. Long hair translates to sex appeal and nothing is more important in Hollywood.

Hollywood’s elite have been caught in some uncomfortable situations with their extensions. In 2011, Jennifer Aniston suffered breakage in hers, Jennifer Lopez lost some of her extensions while performing onstage and Naomi Campbell was photographed with bald spots. However, all of these stars have pulled off amazingly gorgeous looks with hair extensions. We all aspire to look as great as these beautiful women when we step out the door in the morning.

According to celebrity hairdresser John Blaine, the trick to getting hair extensions right is to add no more than 4 to 5 inches of length to the person’s hair. When you go longer than this, you risk problems. Vanessa Hudgens, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Mindy Kaling all have worn hair extensions to great success. Beyonce is even rumored to have an extensive collection of custom made extensions created by her hairdresser, Kim Kimble.

Hair extensions are a fast becoming a mainstay in the hairdresser’s toolbox. The versatility they add lend themselves well to all kinds of bold, unique and memorable styles. Celebrities need to turn heads and with hair extensions, they can turn heads while creating a signature look. Simply put, hair extensions are one of the quickest ways to transform your hair from drab to fab in minutes.

While we all want to look like a Hollywood star, we can’t all go to the top stylists and salons. However, by shopping online for hair extensions, you’ll be able to find high quality extensions in any style you can imagine.

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