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Caring for Hair in Winter

Winter presents a whole host of style challenges. Bulky clothing and the need to stay warm and dry in rain, sleet and snow can drag your style down. However, many women find their hair to be the biggest obstacle to looking great in the winter months. Winter can be harsh on your hair, but if you know how to care for it, you can look radiant throughout the long, cold winter and right on into spring.

Whether you are plagued with split ends, dry frizzy hair, hat hair or even static electricity, you can easily help prevent all of these problems. Reflection from the snow as well as wintry precipitation and cold temperatures can cause your hair to dry out and become brittle. Instead of hiding under a hood or a winter hat all winter, you can protect and replenish your hair.

All you need is the right hair care products. Select thick moisturizing conditioners that contain essential fatty acids and humectants. These ingredients hold and attract moisture to your hair, making it lush and healthy in the harsh winter environment. Not every hair care product will work for everyone. You still need to be mindful of your hair type and select an appropriate product. If you’re unsure, you may want to ask your stylist.

If you have hair extensions in your hair, it will require extra care and attention. Be sure to stick to your normal care regimen. Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions lack natural oils and moisture. Therefore, you’ll want to be even more diligent about washing, conditioning and caring for your hair.

There’s no reason to stay hidden all winter longing for the warm days of spring. Instead, you simply need to choose the right care products based on your hairstyle and get on with living your life. Remember, the key to solving your winter hair nightmares is keeping your hair properly moisturized.

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